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City Of Oxford Rowing Club

Rowing Events

The City of Oxford Rowing Club hosts various rowing events each year including the famous Oxford City Royal Regatta. See below for further details.

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Oxford City Bumping Races

The Oxford City Bumping Races (April) - Also known as the Town Bumps, this event is held over the same course as the Oxford University bumps races, but is raced in coxed fours instead of eights. 

The term bump refers to the way a faster boat catches a slower boat - this used to be the result of two boats physically coming into contact with each other, but these days it is simply an overlap. We describe our event as 'non-contact'

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Oxford City Royal Regatta

The Oxford City Royal Regatta (August) - Is an historic event with genuine regal status dating back to the 1800's. It is raced over a 1000m stretch of the Isis and consists of side by side races, with two crews per race...  

The Oxford City Sprint (the day after the Regatta)- Is a more recent event which was a result of CORC taking over Abingdon Regatta. It is raced over a 500m section of the same course as the regatta.

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The Corporate Eight Challenge 

The Corporate Eight Challenge (July / August) - Also known as Corporate Eights, this event invites 8 local companies to train in an 8+ for the four weeks leading up to the regatta. 

It culminates in a tournament which takes place over 350m on a Wednesday evening following the Regatta Weekend.

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The Isis Sculls

The Isis Sculls (September) - A head race for sculling boats only which is held over an 1850m course on the Isis. 

Originally established to encourage junior competition, it now attracts strong entries from all age groups.